Polycarbonate Sheets Roofing

Polycarbonate Sheet Guide: Twin Wall Installation

Written by Courtney Nelson

As most property owners would tell you, home improvement and maintenance is a job that is never truly over. As a general principle, you want to constantly develop your home and make it into something that you can be truly proud of.

That being said, installing a twin wall polycarbonate roof is probably one of the best projects you can try your hand in. This article seeks to provide readers with a simple guide on how they can go about it. Make sure that you follow the reminders presented here and you should have no trouble at all.

Project Overview

For this project, you will be making use of rafters to secure the sheets. Needless to say, with careful planning and a bit of elbow grease, you should be able to build the new structure as required by the project. Of course, in order to do that, you will need to install H-Bar Joiners which will sit on top of the rafters themselves in order to make the exteriors look appealing.  Keep in mind that the rafters must be placed as far apart from each other based on the joins in the polycarbonate sheet.

As you build the structure, it is vital that you pay attention to the slope. Most experts would recommend a 5-degree slope for this structure, as this is the optimal angle to help rain drain away into the gutter. Not only will it help keep your polycarbonate sheets clean, it also prevents any damages to the material caused by dirt and mould. In addition to these, the slope also helps with your waterproofing efforts by preventing water from flowing into places where it shouldn’t.

As a general rule, homeowners should understand that projects like this one should serve both a practical and an aesthetic purpose. That is why you need to choose the sheet color that best matches the rest of your home’s design. However, you also need to keep in mind that the color will also have an effect on your lighting as well as the heat levels in your home.


Here are the materials you will be needing for this particular project. Make sure to purchase them at the Ohio hardware store of your choice.

  • Sheets – The polycarbonate sheets to be used here are 10mm thick and 980mm wide. They come in a wide range of sizes from a minimum length of 1.5 meters to a maximum of 9.0 meters.
  • H-Bar – These are aluminum sections that put the sheets together. Typically, they also serve as guides to help you determine the precise connection points for the sheets.
  • Gasket – The rubber gasket is placed between the sheeting and the H-Bar and it serves a dual purpose. First, it serves as a form of waterproofing. Second, it gives the sheet additional flexibility and allows it to adjust within the aluminum framework as it expands and contracts.
  • F Sections – These are usually used in securing the edges of the polycarbonate sheets.

The project itself is pretty straightforward. Beginners trying their hand in home improvement projects should have no trouble installing these sheets themselves.