Roofing Types: Clear Polycarbonate Roofing

Written by Courtney Nelson

When it comes to fixing and maintaining your roof, one needs to seriously consider the specific type of material you will be using. After all, you want it to look great with the rest of your property. So, make sure to shop around and look for the material that will best suit your needs.

That being said, polycarbonate roofing panels remains an immensely popular choice for many Ohio homeowners. Now, it comes as a surprise to most that there are actually two kinds of polycarbonate roof panels. This article will focus primarily on the clear polycarbonate roofing.

Why Use It?

These panels bear much resemblance to glass and are mostly transparent or translucent. They can also be similarly tinted in a wide variety of colors, giving the influx of light a noticeable dulling effect. More importantly, these panels come with an important anti-UV protective film on its top layer to help it filter out the harmful light.

The primary reason why clear polycarbonate roofing is so popular is the fact that it is both lightweight and durable. This makes them perfect for structures like Greenhouses, Solariums, Sunrooms, Sun porches, and Patio rooms as they go well together with the lightweight glass walls often used for these places.